Chemical Hazard Testing


Environmental exposure to chemicals can occur indoors from industrial chemical usage in the workplace. Indoor or outdoor chemicals are around us everyday, such as carcinogenetic Formaldehyde that is found in glue or Benzine that is found in gasoline. Other forms of chemical exposure can come from the contamination of drug use such as, Amphetamine, Opioid, or Tetrhydro-Cannabidinol (THC).

Environmental exposure to chemicals can occur from the vapor of off gassing, spills, or direct contact of contaminated surfaces. Many of the carcinogenic chemical compounds are known as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). AdamLabs can help monitor for possible exposure by testing the air quality. This is done by collecting air samples inside the areas of concern and processing the samples in the lab, screening the sample for approximately 57 different types of carcinogenic chemical compounds. In addition, surface wipe samples can be collected on indoors surfaces or from soil to help identify possible hazards. Further testing can be conducted by AdamLabs to establish safe occupation from a variety of chemicals.

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