California Wildfire Testing


Fire damaged building materials are difficult to identify. Before cleanup can begin, AdamLabs worked with the State of California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) in identifying all suspect asbestos containing building materials damaged by fire. Over the years AdamLabs has tested and assessed thousands of fire damaged structures from the City of Weed, to Lake County, Sonoma County, Nevada County, Yuba County, Napa County, Shasta County, and Butte County.

After DTSC completes the first phase assessments of the ash and debris, an asbestos survey (sampling) must be conducted of the ash and debris before cleanup can begin. An asbestos report is then submitted to the county in order to acquire a cleanup permit. After the ash and debris is properly removed and disposed of, and before reconstruction can begin, soil samples will be required by the county to establish adequate cleaning was conducted.

AdamLabs can help in conducting the initial testing for asbestos of the ash and debris, as well as collecting final soil samples after cleanup. For acceptance by the county, soil will be screened for heavy metals and compared against the county-established set clean goals.

Adam with now Retired Ray Ruminski, Environmental Health,

Lake County, California

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