Bio Hazard Testing


Environmental Biological hazards occur from a variety of conditions. Indoor water intrusion caused from a drainpipe overflow can have E-coli. While E-coli is a toxic bacteria that only grows in fecal matter, all indoor drainpipes ultimately lead to the sewage drainpipe; therefore, even if clear water came out of the drain, it is considered “black water” because of the connection with sewage.

E-coli bacteria is transferred from surface contact and can contaminate hands, feet, and food. If digested, E-coli bacteria can cause painful stomach cramping, dysentery, and in rare cases, can develop into a form of “toxic shock syndrome,” that can lead to death.

E-coli is not an airborne bacteria. Much like Anthrax bacteria, which can be found in soil naturally and is generally non-hazardous in its natural isolated state, but can be weaponized by mixing it with a powder allowing it to become airborne; E-coli thrives inside sewage pipes, but once the E-coli bacteria leaves the pipe and is exposed to dry conditions, the environment is then changed and the bacteria begin to die within two weeks.

AdamLabs can help provide testing of soil and/or indoor surfaces that may have been exposed to black water. To establish safe occupancy, AdamLabs can help provide testing for a variety of biological hazards such as, Legionella, and Staphylococcus in the workplace or at home. Furthermore, AdamLabs can help confirm if an environment has been adequately cleaned from a variety of biological hazards such as, pigeon droppings, bat guano, rodents, blood, and the deceased.

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