Adam Laboratories Inc. Provides consulting and on site environmental health hazard assessments and inspections (specialized in microbial, asbestos, and lead) certified by the State of California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), The American Indoor Air Quality Council (AIAQC), and by the State of California Department of Health Services (DHS).

Adam Laboratories Inc. Is a participant in the Laboratory Quality Assurance Program (LQAP) Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) by The american Industrial Hygiene Assocation (AIHA).
Laboratory I.D #163722 

Field services

Isolated Area Survey (small area) & Final clearances
Includes: Inspection, sampling and Analytical report
On Site Surveilance (8hr daily rate)
Includes: Inspection, sampling, work plan and Analytical report
Building Survey(large area)
Includes: Inspection, sampling and Analytical report
Investigations & Final clearances
Fungus Spores/Mold
Includes: Inspection, sampling, analytical data and written report
Investigations & Final clearances
Includes: Inspection, sampling, analytical data and written report
On Site Sample analysis
Asbestos and Mold final air clearances only
Includes: Verbal results before consultant leaves premises and written report in approximately 24 hours. 
Actual prices will depend upon size of building being sampled, the amount of samples taken, and location.
For a price quote please contact our lab and speak to a consultant.
Price quotes are estimates only and are subject to change if actual sampling difers significantly from the estimate. 

Contractor analytical service

Asbestos Air Sample
Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM)

NIOSH 7400 Method
Asbestos Bulk Sample
Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM)

EPA 600/R-93/116 Method
Fungi Bulk/Swab/Tape-Lift Sample (Non Viable)
White Light Microscopy

1000X Magnification/Oil Immersion
Fungi Air Sample (Non Viable)
Spore Count & Identification
Bacteria/sewage screen
Lead Paint, Soil or Air Sample
By AA (Atomic Absortion) 
Please note that asbestos bulk samples that are submited with more than 1 item and/or layer will be analyzed separately and will reflect an additional sample fee.
This action is most common with regards to roofing material.
The lab will stop the analysis and notify the client of said samples upon the first layer where asbestos is indentified.
{The lab will not charge extra for a submited sample that includes linoleum and/or sheet vinyl with felt backing or mastic, Vinyl tile with mastic, and composite wallboard samples that include gypsum, paper, joint compound, tape, and paint}.