The Company

Adam Laboratories Inc. is a privately held corporation with laboratories located in Sacramento California.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality analyses and service in the industry to all our clients across the United States. We support a full range of IAQ professionals and organizations including industrial hygienists, IAQ consultants, environmental specialists, mold remediation and HVAC contractors, hospitals and medical professionals, building owners and commercial property managers, home inspectors, engineering and construction firms, and the insurance, real estate and legal professions. Clients also include government institutions as well as federal, state, and local health departments through the US.
Adam Labs provide training across the region and other meaningful contributions to the knowledge base of the industry.
All of our analysts and field technician have college degrees, and/or have received extensive training, and participate in ongoing, industry leading, quality assurance and training programs.
We offer a wide array of analytical testing services to support environmental investigations focused on asbestos, microbiology, lead paint, environmental chemistry, indoor air quality and industrial hygiene.
Our unmatched capacity coupled with a company wide focus on customer satisfaction makes no project too large or too small and allow us to meet new industry challenges and client needs.
We are committed to providing reliable, defensible data in a standardized and user-friendly format.
Rapid turnaround and competitive prices make the dependable results you get that much more valuable.
We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service, quality, and support.